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DatabaseAll FRITSCH
Social Security Death Index  [view] World Family Tree  [view]
U.S. Federal Census Records
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  1890 Census  [view]
  1880 Census  [view]
  1870 Census  [view]
  1860 Census  [view]
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  1840 Census  [view]
  1830 Census  [view]
  1820 Census  [view]
  1810 Census  [view]
  1800 Census  [view]
  1790 Census  [view]
New York Passenger Lists  [view]
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Surnames That Sound like FRITSCH

The following names have been determined to sound like the name FRITSCH. This has been determined using an analysis of these names using phonetics. Many of our ancestors' names' spellings changed when they immigrated into a new country, especially when there was a language barrier. Check out some of these names that may be similar enough to your researched name and you may be able to break through some brick walls.


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